Gelato – that’s ice-cream, isn’t it?

well no...

A true Italian gelato is softer, creamier, lighter and is lower in fat than a traditional ice-cream. The lower fat content means your taste-buds don’t get saturated – leaving the wonderful gelato flavours to come through even more fully!

Gelato – that’s ice-cream, isn’t it?

A modo nostro - we do it our way

Gelato is a fairly recent thing in the UK and Irish market, getting more popular all the time – and we’re delighted to be at the front of the queue.

We’re not the biggest producer – and we don’t want to be, because often that means pressure to cut corners or compromise on quality. Which is not for us.

A true gelato is made from four key ingredients: milk, sugar, cream and fruit flavouring. In the same way, we’ve grown our gelato business on four things...



Quinns is made by hand using the best Italian-sourced ingredients.



Our wholesale customers get prompt delivery, usually within 24-hours (and often the same day).



We’re always introducing new flavours, and because we make our gelato by hand, only we are able to theme our cabinets 5 times a year.


green thinking

We strive to use the most environmentally positive equipment, processes and packaging as possible.


We’re passionate about everything we do. That’s reflected in our products and the way we look after customers and suppliers.

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